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Ireland Beckons

Eire-Go Tours offers highly personalized, small group tours appropriate for all ages that focus on the history, culture, music, and dance of The Emerald Isle. Founded by Francesca Winch, a retired high school English teacher with dual Irish-American citizenship, a deep and abiding love of Ireland, and a spouse who plays traditional Irish music professionally, Eire-Go Tours takes you off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems that most tours miss. 


How is this tour different? Friends and family meet us at each stop to provide live traditional music and dance, Irish language lessons, a private photo shoot, and even a home cooked meal to create the one-to-one interaction and personalized experience that makes each trip a "tour without tourists."  Spend time with the Irish, over a cup of tea or a pint of Guinness, and learn about the history and culture of The Isle of Saints and Scholars. 

Come join us, because Ireland Beckons! 

Lesson #1: Éire is the ancient name of Ireland and the official name of the country in Irish Gaelic. It is pronounced "air-a".

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