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Exploring the nooks and crannies of Ireland with Eire-Go Tours will be an experience of a lifetime. As a veteran traveler and tour leader, I can promise you a personalized travel experience, laughter, learning, and a plethora of new found friends on both sides of the Atlantic! My love for Ireland has coursed through my spirit from birth.  A dual Irish and American citizen with roots in Counties Mayo and Roscommon, I grew up in northern New Jersey and began summer visits to cousins in Ireland once I was old enough to earn money for my airfare.  In the 1980s, when this was still the thing to do, I spent summers hitchhiking all over Ireland and, in 1992, I led my first tour of high school students.  I've always loved both literature and history, and, having majored in the former and minored in the latter, I designed the tour as a fun learning experience. One tour led to the next, and in 2011 I designed and led a tour of 52 performers and family members of my teenage daughter's musical theater ensemble, arranging shows in Mayo, Galway, and Kerry. Having retired after 36 years as a high school English teacher in Arlington, Virginia, and as the wife of a professional Irish musician, I spend the school year immersed in the Irish music and culture that is the heartbeat of our home, and summer vacations visiting our family and friends throughout Ireland. Eire-Go Tours is a progeny of those earlier tours, expanded to appeal to all ages and interests. I hope you choose to join us on our next adventure. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like a specialized itinerary, or just a stop along the way. I hope to meet you soon, because IRELAND BECKONS! 

- Francesca (Ches) Winch

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